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SEO Consulting Services

Coastal Web South offers expert SEO consulting services to small businesses throughout the South-east region, as well as Tennessee and Georgia. SEO stands for ( Search Engine Optimization ). So what does that mean for your business? When you do a Google search notice there are three results under a map with a website link and directions. There are hundreds of possible results, why is it that those three get the top spots? It is because of SEO. Our SEO consulting and writers are among the best in the USA. With over 20 years experience we can show you exactly how to place your business online where your customers can find you.

SEO Writing

SEO writing is unique from writing brochures proposals. To show up in that top three of the Google search results you have to have the right keywords on your website so Google will know exactly what it is that you offer your customers. SEO writing gives us the ability to research exactly what keyword search terms your customers are using and include those exact words on your website so you will appear when searched for in Google. Having a website without SEO is like having a giant department store in the middle of the woods where no one can find it.

SEO Services Pricing

Our SEO services does not have set pricing in place. Just like your business, our prices depend on what your needs are. If you have one keyword you want to rank well for then its going to cost you less than if you have 4 or 6 keywords. Reason being, it takes us more time and we have to pay our employees just like you with your business. Does your prices depend on hours worked and costs of overhead?

We have several SEO packages to fit the needs of your budget while maintaining your goals. In 2017 people are searching online, even with word of mouth referrals they will search you online. Recent statistics show that 80-90% of people do research online before buying a product or service. Do you want these prospective customers to see your business in the search results? Or someone else’s? The choice is yours.

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Brand Strategy

What is your brand? Ask yourself that question, then ask your customers the same question and see if the answers are the same. 9 times out of 10 they won’t be the same. Brand strategy is where we take your business model and make sure that your customers see your business for exactly what you see it as…So many times there is a disconnect between consumers and businesses where the consumer has an expectation of services and the business fails to deliver, then bad reviews happen right? Most likely that is a result of an incoherent brand strategy. If a fast food restaurant serves you terrible food you aren’t surprised because its fast, and cheap. Whereas if a nice classy expensive restaurant serves you terrible food you are going to be mad and probably leave a bad review. Let your brand speak to your customers to save you time, money, headache and confusion.

Who Made Who?

Be consistent when establishing your branding model. Ask yourself lots of questions, from a consumer standpoint. Market yourself from the Outside In rather than the Inside Out. If you were a customer of your business what would your expectations be? Is it beyond what you can offer them? It’s time to change your brand strategy. If it is what you can offer them, then where are your customers? More than likely if you have the correct branding strategy in place but there are no customers then you need SEO so they can find you when they need you and Social Media Marketing to create awareness and get more people thinking about your business.

Where did they go?

Your competition, did you see them? Let’s close the door and turn the other way, maybe they will disappear and all of the customers in our city will flock to us. Let’s take a different approach. We recommend going right after your competition in a positive way thereby eliminating the need for consumer guess work and adding value to your brand so when they need your services, they know who they’re gonna call. If you’re a plumber, you know your business very well however your customers do not know your business, they just know they need you. Keep that in mind when establishing your brand.

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