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Social media marketing is critical for companies in 2017 and heading into the future. More people are using Facebook now than ever before and it is becoming an older demographic of people over the age of 30 more frequently. As a business you must understand the fundamental difference between Google search and Facebook search.

Google search means “Intent” meaning the user needs a product or service and is in the process of making a buying decision. Google search is critical for your business if you have customers that would require your products or services immediately. Facebook marketing means “Awareness” , think of some large corporations like McDonalds and Coca Cola, for years we see them everywhere…TV, Radio, Print Media, In Stores, Etc.. They have perfected “Branding” which is what your business needs if it is going to withstand the onslaught of the digital age.

Social Media Marketing in Maryland, Social Media Marketing Services PA

How do I get “Awareness” for my business?

The answer is real simple. Promote your business to consumers, but more importantly, market your business from the outside in rather than the inside out. For example if you sell tires you might be inclinated to put tires in your store windows and pictures of tires on the signage outside your store – This is “inside out” marketing. You know your business better than anyone, that’s why you’re in that business. However, your customers don’t know your business as well as you do. The correct way to think of “Outside In” marketing is showing your tires to customers that are actively shopping for new or used tires through target marketing.

How do I promote my business online?

WRONG WAY: If you are a lawyer DO NOT display pictures of your office, signage, etc.. DO NOT tell customers that you offer Personal Injury, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Etc.. – They can see you do that by looking at your website. If you reinforce what they already know about what you do then it becomes irrelevant and you become like all of the other companies in your industry.

RIGHT WAY: If you are a lawyer, write content and blogs and include useful information about the type of law you practice. FOR EXAMPLE: If you are a personal injury attorney, take a picture of a wet floor sign and post that on social media or your website blog and underneath it type “Ever seen this sign? Do you know if you would have any rights if you were to slip and fall next to one of these signs? Click here to find out!” That creates interest and curiosity because you are providing information.

( Think of it this way, have you ever seen a McDonalds commercial where they say “Come to McDonalds and get a hamburger and French fries!”? Absolutely not…So what is it they advertise on TV? New products, new and exciting specials. Things that are designed to grab the consumers attention. Everyone knows McDonalds sells hamburgers and French fries so it would be a waste of their time to tell their customers that….Same if you are a plumber, don’t tell people you can fix leaky faucets, they already know that. Give them something new and exciting to promote awareness and create branding )

How do I get leads for my business?

The golden question, how do I get new customers is what this is all about right? Re-Read “Outside In” marketing again and memorize that for the future of your marketing efforts. Then look for where your customers shop for your products or services. For example: A flooring store retail is a luxury purchase, people do not HAVE TO HAVE new wood floors or granite countertops. But when they do begin shopping where do they shop at? Find out by creating a CRM system for your business. A flooring company, as well as many other types of companies, should have a customer log so they can keep track of their existing customers by sending follow up emails and/or text messages thanking them for their business, or just thank them for visiting with your store. Ask customers how they heard about you!!! This is extremely important so you can see where the fat cow is out there. Also use free resources you have at your disposal, go to Google and type in Flooring Store (City,State), and see what comes up… forget about looking for your business in the results. Look at what else is there. If you’re in flooring you might find Houzz, Thumbtack, Home Advisor, HBA, Etc.. If those are on the first page in your city you should consider looking into how to get your business listed in those directories. Follow your customers, don’t wait for your customers to follow you.

So Facebook & Google is the final answer for the future success of my business?

Absolutely not! Make sure your business has a solid foundation core. How is your phone being answered? How are your customers being greeted? How does your desks look? Are you employees smiling? How does the parking lot look? How is the lighting? How fast is your service? What guarantees sets you apart from your competitors? There are 100s of questions you should be asking from within before a customer ever shows up. Ever heard of this…. “ All of my business comes from word of mouth “ ?.. Businesses use that like a grenade when approached by a solicitor. When thinking about your word of mouth referrals, which are great, also remember that your business appearance in real life and online are critical for success. For example: If you’re a dentist and I refer one of my best friends to come see you for an exam and he find that your reception staff is rude, the waiting room is cluttered and the price is outrageously high, then not only does that word of mouth referral become a “never again” customer but it could also turn into a bad review on your Google or Facebook listing…Not to mention my friend will be mad at me and I’ll probably never come back and I referred you!

The world is evolving around you. Your customers are becoming more technology savvy, if you are a business owner in 2017 you need Google & Facebook on your side or prepare for the worst no matter how many referrals you are getting now. Coastal Web Services has your back with inexpensive, efficient web marketing to keep you in the game and allows you to focus on running your business. Let us worry about getting you online customers so you can do what you do best!

Last note: If you were to pay someone $8 dollars per hour to manage your online marketing it would cost you approximately $1,280.00 per month if that person worked 40 hours a week. Most of our packages are a lot less expensive than that and we are experts. As a team, your company and ours, we will succeed as we have done since 1991.

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