Does your website look “old”?

Does your website look “old”?

Before you evaluate the age of your website, first think about how your customers are shopping for your services/products. A website can look prehistoric and still generate leads for your business. However, style is more important than substance initially. Do we judge people in a matter of seconds by their style, appearance, voice, tone, etc.. Depending on what type of services you offer style can get in the way of substance.

If you are a service industry like a plumber, dentist, auto repair, AC repair etc.. Then substance is more important on your website than style. The reason for this is simple, your customers need you right now! So when they find your website they are going to look for 3 things:

  • Your phone number
  • Your business hours
  • Your reviews

If you sell products such as flooring, furniture, cars, etc… Or you are a service industry like a fence company, home builder, landscaper, etc.. Then style is more important than substance initially because 90% of the time people shop for you as a “luxury” purchase. It’s not crucial that someone has to have a new car or a landscaper, it’s a luxury they can afford. At the same time, they can afford to wait and find the best product or service that fits their budget and needs. When they find your website they are going to look for these 3 things:

  • Call to action
  • Reviews
  • Information (pricing, experience, quality)

In today’s rapid growing digital market place you may find it more difficult to compete with your competitors and harder to obtain new customers as the internet becomes more and more powerful. Consumers want information fast, they are seeking convenience and, they want lots of options.

Our Website Should Explain Our Services Better

First let’s look at how your consumers understand your website services. If you offer auto repair and one of your services is “brakes” people know what that means, they know what that is. What does it include though? What are your prices? These are questions that consumers want to know before making that phone call to you.

Remember, someone’s time is very valuable to them, just like you.

If I sell furniture and my website discusses options for furnishing I might write something like this:

“Our furniture store has been serving (city,state) for 25 years and counting. We have a giant selection of beds, dining rooms sets, living room sets, entertainment centers, coffee tables, chairs, couches, and so much more! We offer free financing and same day delivery! Hurry in to our furniture store today to speak with an experienced representative that can help you select your ideal furnishing at a price that fits your budget and services that fit your needs. Open 8-5 Monday-Saturday. Call (XXX)XXX-XXXX Today!”

My paragraph is standard for most companies in the United States as it pertains to selling products or services, I am also trying to catch other furniture companies as opposed to consumers looking to buy. It includes the city, years in business, selection, phone number and a call to action. What does it mean to a consumer shopping for furniture though? “We offer the same products and services as every other furniture store in our area, and across the country. The only difference is, our phone number and our years in business and our name.”

If my goal is to sell more furniture and explain my services better I might think to write something like this instead:

“Conveniently located on hwy ____ near _____ in city,state. For 25 years we have been your one stop shop for all of your home furnishing needs. Our knowledgeable staff is equipped to answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect furnishing options for your home or business. We pride ourselves on customer service with a 95% satisfaction rating and we stand by our products with a lifetime warranty on most furniture we sell. Open 8 to 5 Monday – Friday we invite you to stop into our showroom today to browse our selection in a stress free, no hassle environment that you and your family can be comfortable.”

Notice the fundamental difference in the use of language and call to action. Everyone knows you sell furniture so repeating that isn’t going to drive you more business. Remember, consumers care about convenience, speed and options. A similar analogy would be, a McDonald’s TV commercial where they said.. “We sell hamburgers and French fries, we have 99c double cheeseburgers and we are open 24 hours with a drive thru” Next time you see a commercial for this monster fast food chain pay attention to their message, notice they don’t say the obvious because people already know that they are a fast food restaurant that sells hamburgers.

  • Be unique
  • Stand out
  • Be memorable

Our Website Should Rank Higher In Google

We hear this from our customers at least once a day for the past 10 years. There are many methods in which to rank higher in Google that include:

  • SEO ( search engine optimization )
  • Reviews on Google & Facebook
  • Keyword rich content about your services/products
  • Traffic to your website
  • Usability of your website
  • and so much more!

However, let’s forget about all that for just a moment and put yourself in Google’s shoes for a minute. If you were Google, your objective is to make money and get as many people as you can to use your search engine correct? You find a website about a dentist and the website talks about everything but dental services…Would you rank that website if you want user loyalty? Absolutely not!

That being said, it’s not about you or your business. Google wants what’s best for it’s users, therefore they rank websites according to their preset algorithms that include many of the examples I used above. Style is more important that substance initially. Google is going to look at your style for about half a second, then they are going to focus on your substance. If your website doesn’t contain enough substance for the services/products you offer then Google is not going to give you the privilege of ranking high, but they will be happy to sell you ADS! Notice how many companies run Ads, there is a reason for that. Google is in the business of making money, so if you have no substance then they would love to sell you Ads and make money off of your business.

At Coastal Web Services we have been helping businesses just like yours for over a decade rank in the search engines using the methods bullet pointed above. Our track record is A+ for success. We won’t even take your project if we feel that we cannot accomplish this goal for you. We turn down businesses all the time. We don’t want your money, we want your lifetime loyalty and referral business!

You want to rank higher in Google, ask yourself these questions:

  • Evaluate the words on your website, does it accurately describe your services?
  • Are you asking your customers to leave you reviews?
  • Are you staying up to date with Google’s standards for websites?
  • Are you utilizing social media, if so do you have enough subscribers and reviews to make your social media presence valid?
  • Have you researched the keywords consumers are using to search for what you offer?
  • Have you checked the usability of your website on ALL devices?
  • Lastly, if you were a consumer, would you find your website useful?

We can help you with all of these questions with a no obligation, Free Consultation today!

We Want To Be Able To Update Our Website Ourselves

We love to hear our client’s say those words. Again, we don’t want your money, we want your lifetime loyalty and referral business. Our goal is to help you reach the milestone you are seeking online so that you can manage your internet presence internally without paying someone to do it for you.

Lets ask a few questions first:

  • Do you own your website? If not, who does?
  • What format is your website written in?
  • Do you have any access to your website for editing?

These are fundamentally important questions to find the answers to if you are seeking website freedom. We recommend you buy and own your website and hosting so no one can claim it but you. We also recommend you look at the LONG TERM when approaching a web marketing plan. Don’t focus so much on ranking number one in Google at first, ask the question – Am I going to own this website and be able to maintain it once it’s all said and done?

It is important to keep your website updated with fresh content. If you are a plumber, then you should add pictures of your work and customer testimonials and reviews. If you are a dentist, then you should be adding special offers and information to keep people aware of how to keep their mouth healthy. If you are a furniture store, then you should be adding new products, exciting sales and seasonal trendy content to stay in the times with your customers.

A CMS ( content management system ) is what you need to be able to update and maintain your own website once it’s published. At Coastal Web Services we can help you set that up and teach you how to manage it so you can keep your website on the up & up for years to come without the hassle of a monthly bill from an outside company. Call us today for a FREE consultation!

Our Website Should Generate More Leads

If you have a website, the point of that website is to generate leads for your business, otherwise what is it there for? There is a lot of companies in the United States with this exact problem right now. They have either built a website themselves, or paid an advertiser to build a website, and the website doesn’t rank and doesn’t bring in any new customers leaving the business owner baffled as to why he/she even built a website to begin with.

SEO is not enough to generate leads. We can help you get to the top of the Google search results but that doesn’t guarantee you new customers. This is where you need to look at the inner workings of your office and evaluate where your calls are coming from and how to stay in touch with prospective customers. If your website is ranked number one in the Google search results then more than likely you are getting calls or emails, UNLESS your website has no call to action, no style or no substance. If you aren’t ranked at the top of the search results then you need keyword rich content, SEO, usability and proper competitive design to reach the top spot.

Let me just give you a quick example. We had a customer years ago that offered fence building services. They were ranked number 2 in Google’s search results for their city. They had lots of emails come through of customers asking questions such as ( How much do you charge? | Whats included in your services? ). The problem was, they didn’t want to waste their time emailing these people back and forth because they felt that these customers were just shopping around. NEWS FLASH – ALL CUSTOMERS ARE SHOPPING AROUND! They have this magic thing called a smart phone with the internet attached to it so they can easily, within seconds search for a product/service & inquire with several sources about it before making a decision. Inside your business you have to create a model in which you engage these prospective clients with STYLE & SUBSTANCE!

Another example, we have a current client that sells Flooring. They are ranked at the top of the Google search results for all 3 of their locations in the area. They get a massive amount of calls to their business daily from customers asking about price, availability, specials, financing, etc.. We were hired to do a business evaluation of lead capture for this company and what we found was astonishing! A receptionist answered the phone, then told the caller they were transferring them to a sales person. Once the sales person answered the phone they said something like this; “Yes ma’am we have flooring for sale…Hardwood starts at 7.99 a ft….We’re open til 8….Okay thank you bye”

Both examples show a lack of energy, style and substance. Evaluate everything about your business and your staff. If you are finding that your business has dropped off or you need more but can’t figure out how to get it then look internally before you look outside.

Again, We offer 100% FREE consultations. Feel free to reach out to us today to get started!